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*Rev-N-Nator I.C.U.s are currently backordered. However the coil, FireCore distributor, conversion harness, and ballast are still available for purchase*

*2017 ICUs currently not available*



OPTION 1: REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. + Coil + FireCore Distributor Pack Unavailable

I.C.U. Color
FireCore Distributor


OPTION 2: REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. + FireCore Distributor Unavailable

I.C.U. Color
FireCore Distributor


 OPTION 3: REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. + Coil Unavailable

I.C.U. Color

OPTION 4: REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. Only Unavailable

I.C.U. Color

OPTION 5: FireCore Distributor + Coil

FireCore Distributor

OPTION 6: FireCore Distributor only: $159.95

Please select:

OPTION 7: Coil only: $45.99

OPTION 8: Mopar Electronic Conversion Harness: $39.95

Mopar Electronic Conversion Harness

OPTION 9: Ballast: $10.00


The REV-N-NATOR gives your stock, matching-numbers or race motor rev limiting protection

Now with a 3-year warranty to original purchaser, 90-day money-back guarantee and tech support, we stand behind our product and our fellow Mopar enthusiasts!

(FREE Decal with purchase of a complete REV-N-NATOR Package- ( ICU + COIL + DISTRIBUTOR ))

Chysler Emissions Decal

Features of the REV-N-NATOR ICU

1. Highest quality true bolt-in ICU to use with factory Mopar harness and safe for date coded spark plug wires

2. Correct Mopar measurements and stock appearing

3. Flat braided ground

4. Low profile button

5. New lower voltage capabilities 

6. L.E.D tach functions when tuning under the hood

7. Easy to use-7 different Rev limits and a low 3,000 rpm rev limit/Test option with digital accuracy

8. Digital Technology. Huge hp increases over all stock Chrysler boxes (orange, chrome, etc.) and meets or exceeds any leading after-market ignition systems. Getting the most out of your motor and the best run ability, whether its a stock 318 or 605 CI Hemi ! For stock, street/strip or race or anything in between. Lovin' those multi carbed cars as well!

9. Mopar factory appearing Boxes powder-coated in Orange & Black


* 3 YEAR WARRANTY and Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind our product and our customers!

 *Using the matched components with the complete Rev-n-nator Package will offer you the best rev limiting protection, along with great run ability and optimum performance.* 

The R/T Garage carries the highly recommended distributor made by FireCore. A perfect match to your REV-N-NATOR ICU and REV-N-NATOR coil! The distributor has 3 sets of advance springs and is very easy to adjust the mechanical curve.

The REV-N-NATOR ignition system was manufactured for PURE STOCK as well as performance and race applications. The REV-N-NATOR does not hurt your original date coded plug wires.

Same great product, Made in USA!


The REV-N-NATOR is a true plug and bolt-in factory-appearing I.C.M. (aka Brain Box) that has been completely re-engineered with digital technology. It exceeds all stock Mopar boxes and includes a simple-to-use, built-in rev limiter.

The rev limiter has 7 different rpm limits, from 3,000 rpm test to 7,500 rpm. It can easily be changed by the touch of a button with easy-to-see LED lights. The LEDs also function as a digital tachometer.

REV-N-NATOR users will have huge HP increases over all factory stock boxes-Orange and Chrome, etc. On all dyno challenges, we also average more HP and torque than any other leading aftermarket high performance ignition systems.

Protect your motor from over revving, and for the purist, the REV-N-NATOR is the perfect bolt-in piece for your #'s matching motor. No extra wires or bulky boxes (all in one). With powder-coated color options of black or orange, the REV-N-NATOR bolts into stock locations with original wiring. All new digital, modern electronics in a stock-appearing box!

So, next time you miss a shift showing off to your buddies, you'll be confident, knowing you have The REV-N-NATOR—an OEM box and rev limiter. Good looks and state-of-the-art technology all in one!


*10-40 HP gains over all stock Chrysler boxes vary depending on engine application. For more information, visit our FAQ.

 Contact us for more information!


Dyno Session Results

RS Dyno

Facility: RS Motors
Engine: 1970 Cuda-stock 340 auto w/80,0000 miles
Orange Stock Mopar box: 199 rwhp / 250 ft. lbs. tqr.
REV-N-NATOR: 211 rwhp / 264 ft. lbs. tqr.

RS Dyno

Facility: R&R Performance
Engine: 440 built by Knowlton Thunderheads
MSD 7AL: 526.9 ft. lbs. trq. / 607.1 hp
REV-N-NATOR: 528.2 ft. lbs. trq./ 607.8 hp

RS Dyno

Facility: R&R Performance
Engine: Pump gas Six Pack built by Lofgren Auto Specialties
MSD 6AL: 5300 RPM averaged 590.7 ft. lbs. trq. / 595.9 hp
REV-N-NATOR: 5300 RPM averaged 594.1 ft. lbs. trq. / 598.6 hp


Testing the REV-N-NATOR

We have done years of extensive testing and development in many different settings, dyno environments and engines applications. On the dyno challenges, we have EXCEEDED THE LEADING PERFORMANCE IGNITION systems in HP and TORQUE. We originally set out to build a quality replacement for the factory Chrysler boxes, but keeping this a true "Plug n' Play" unit, with a rev limiter built in and a stock look has always been the first priority.Using our complete package, we can guarantee the best performance , run ability and quality of any other system on the market today!


Thank You!

Thanks to all of the True Mopar Maniacs that have followed the progress and development of the REV-N-NATOR, over the years! Many thanks to all our new and old customers worldwide that have supported a U.S. made Mopar Muscle Car business and product! Of course, thank you to our engineers and all the people that have volunteered many hours of independent testing to bring a superior Mopar ignition to life! Special thanks to Dunnuck Racing, Dave Dudek of the F.A.S.T. Class, Automotive Journalist Steve Mags and Mopar Max Mag, Rob and all the other fine people at Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine, Muscle Car Review, Mopar Muscle Mag and many, many more! And most of all, thank you to my wife and family for their continued support and hard work!


Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.


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