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  Ignition Box Type Inductive

Circuitry: Modern Digital using a 32 bit 64K 50 MHz PSoC operating @ 5.00 VDC

Rev Limiter: Yes- Easy to use push button 5000-7,500 RPM 500 RPM Increments Algorithm Type- Drops out every other cylinder and holds RPM to selected Rev Limit. 7

Digitally correct Positive Stop Rev Limits Including 3,000 RPM test setting.

Timing Retard: None

Data Acquisition: No

CD Voltage output to Coil: N/A to inductive Ignition Applications

ICU Current Draw: Standby KOEO...22mA

With Ballast Resistor: KOER @ Idle... 1.50 A KOER @ 7,500 RPM... 2.30 A

Wiring Installation: Plug & Play- Stock Mopar Plug and Ballast Resistor. Can run without Ballast Resistor for limited use.

Example: Drag Racing  

Minimum Operating Voltage: 4.50 VDC with Ballast Resistor- Spark plug will fire

Maximum Operating Voltage: 18.00 VDC- Internally regulated and protected

Full Load Maximum Output: Up to 40KV @ 7,500 RPM without Ballast Resistor

Spark Output: Not Measured ( millijoules )

Length ( Inches ): OEM box length of 4.125", OEM overall length of 5.500", OEM mounting holes C to C 4.938"

Height ( inches ): OEM Height of 1.125"

Width ( inches ): OEM Width of 3.188"

Shipping Weight: 17 oz

Ignition Box Color: Powder Coated Stamped Steel in 'Performance' Orange or ' Factory' Black ( Internals the same in both colors )

Coil Included: Available as a set with matched HP Coil & Matched Ballast. Also, available as Complete Pkg with performance Distributor or additional- Mopar electronic conversion harness, if needed.

Warranty: 3 year to original Purchaser. 90 day money back guarantee

Manufactured in: Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

Cost- Box & Coil $249.98 Rev-n-nator HP ICU w/ matched stock-appearing performance Coil by Fire Core  

Getting so much more, for a Specialty Mopar-specific and one of a kind, quality Factory appearing correct ECU !

Standing behind our product and our customers!

The REV-N-NATOR is featured on the cover of MoparMax Magazine

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The REV-N-NATOR has been named the No. 1 Top After-Market Product of 2012 by Mopar Collector's Guide! Read about it here.



The REV-N-NATOR Charger Goes to Church to Confess Its Sins...of Speed!

Just to keep the pastor under control, we set the REV-N-NATOR at the 5,000 RPM rev limiter setting. Listen closely, and you can hear the motor bouncing off the rev limiter setting. A huge thank you to Pastor Ryan and everyone at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, MN for choosing Laura's Charger for their sermon, "RPM - Masculinity!" We were honored to be asked to take part in a really cool church and a great group of people. To watch the whole sermon, visit Hosanna! Church's website:

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The location for the R/T Garage is a very cool building built in 1909. All newly remodeled! Lots of history. It was a car dealership for 80+ years! Beautiful showroom, a shop equipped with 3 car lifts, plus another shop with heated secure storage for your muscle car or motorcycle!

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From small repairs, engine work, interiors to something large…we're here! We are a family-based Mopar restoration shop, with personalized, one-on-one attention to detail and your individual goal! My wife and I are die hard Mopar enthusiasts, each having had our own Mopar car collections! This is our passion, and we know this is your passion too!!

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